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Bi Chen? Beauty BeneathWillow, Qing. Suzuki 3, JP43-007.

Chen Ji, "Hundred Children" ptg, ROM, Suzuki I/A9-023. Four artists of this name in YCH 1017. One, active in CL, was figure ptr in court acad; another in Fujian, could be same?

Chen Mei. From Loudong? Songjiang? in Jiangsu. Duhua jilui 25b.
- 1733 LS w. fig. in Tumu 7, 24-0927, Nanjing Mus.
- 1729 Gazing at Clouds, fine. Tumu 10 (Tianjin) 7-1320. Also another, 1322, undtd.

Cui Hui: Duhua jilue 24a. From Sanhan (modern Liaoyang in Liaoning.) Spec. in figures, women (shinu), latter in Jiao Bingzhen's method/style. As official, (etc.) Son & grandson also ptrs. Guochao Huazhenglu xia/64: mostly same, "doesn't come up to old ptrs, but . . . Now is prefect? (mu) of Guanzhou."
Ju-hsi Chou (EB 238) calls him a Korean ptr!
- Nanga Taisei 7/113, also Ch'ing er-shih-chia: same as KK/B album.
- Tumu 10/7-1043, Tianjin, 1721, Guangyü tu: what is subject?

Daocun: see Shizhuang

Fan Mu, t? Xingwu. "Ming" (YCH 643 top.) Alb. of 12 narrative pictures by? him, Sotheby's, Oct. 2-3, 1985, no. 58. Obviously much later.

Fan Xueyi: Tumu 10/0808, woman ptr, Suzhou, YCH 641, active in Kangxi. See also narrative picturess.

Fang Xiaowei: Album of narrative ptgs ascribed to him, see Sotheby's New York auction catalog, May 31, 1989, no. 74. (Fang isn't in YCH: where?)

Gu Jianlong.
- On his copying album of portraits of Ming emp. & statesmen, see She Cheng in EB 319--trans. insc., gives Gu's dates as 1606-1687 or later. Rosenzweig (p. 75) says he was Chih-hou nei-t'ing.
Album: Gu Yunchen huachun tuce, Shanghai, Yiyuan Zhenshang-she, n.d. (Price is ¥13,000! so 1940s?) Rietberg Museum Library, M XIb 81 (from Siren library.) 8 leaves, presumably ink & colors on silk? (plus 2 plates of details.) Some--all?--have been reptd to hide erotic bits. Two seals of the artist on some (all?) leaves; look OK.
- Ptg by him in Boston MFA, "The Girl Drummer from Feng-yang," in Siren Later v.2. Nothing great.

Hua Guan. YCH 1109-1112: all the Huas. In Qingchao shuhuajia bilu.
- Nanjing Portraits II: 1763, 1775, 1799.
- He is listed in She Ch'eng, EB 333, among artists known in lit., no works in KK. "ca. 1765." Yang Xin, EB 349, mentions his doing portrait of CL Emp, much honored.

Hua Xuan: see Yü Chien-hua p. 1110 bottom. Info. from Ch'ing-ch'ao shu-hua-chia pi-lu. Work over Hua family of Wu-hsi, others who ptd figures. Hua Kuan, rep. by a number of works, too late? dtd works 1763, 1775, 1799. Served in Academy. Hua Ch'ien, spec. in figures and shih-nü, and his younger brother Hua Hsü: could be related? Of the 59 ptrs surnamed Hua listed in Yü Chien-hua's dictionary, no less than 21 are from Wu-hsi! includes LSists etc., many 19th cent. Another family tradition? Look through local histories?)

Huang Yingzhen. See Yang Xin in EB 345: called to court by Shunzhi. See article in KKPWU yuankan 1992/4 by Nie Chongzhen.
- Tumu 8, 1-059, 1660 ptg, Hebei Prov. Mus.

Huang Zhuan, see Howard's letter, Sept 4 '93. Works 1630-1656. Specialist in beauties? Ptg of woman leaning on rock, gazing at moon, by him. From Butian in Fujian? (Shuhua suojian lu I/26b)

Jiang Jang, women in interior, Tumu 6 p. 90.

Jiang Tingxi. Duhua jilue (H-Y): his works in color in the skilled stuyle were all ghost-ptd (daizuo) by his ke (guest, protege?) Pan Hengku (? not in YCH).

Jiang Xuan, woman, ROM, Suzuki I/A9-021.

Jifu: teacher (potraiture) of Shi Banzi, acc. to passage in Yangzhou huafanglu.

Jiao Bingzhen. Howard in EB p. 306: early LS recorded, 1689, style of Dong Qichang!
- Kangxi's Imp. Progress scroll. Kokka 687, June '49. Then colo. of Yamamoto Yoshitsugu, Tokyo. 58.2 x 517 cm. Big seal: Yongzheng yulan. (sec'n reprod: Suzhou environs, Tiger Hill.)

Jin Tingbiao. Nie: ? - 1767. Born in Zhejiang, son of ptr. When CL made 2nd trip to south, 1751, Jin showed him album of baimiao arhats, CL invited him to court acad. Died there. Guochao YHL (HSTS 31--) Yang Boda p. 344: entered Ruyiguan 1757; given post posthumously in 1765.

Kang Tao. Duhua suibi 34b. Fig after Qiu Ying.
YCH p. 805 top: (list of names) Commoner from Hangzhou, noted for filial piety. Specialized in ptgs of women. "bet. neng & miao." 1727: ptd portrait of Sanniang. 1755: did (ptg). Also good at LS, b&f; calligrapher, could do fine kai script at 70. (gives Yangzhou HFL as one of sources, so active there? also in his sig., Bangjiang.)
- Tianjin Yang Guifei Emerging from Bath.
- Tumu 14/2-392-4, works by him.
- Praying for Skill on 7th Evening: Tumu 10/1297

Leng Jian: son? of Leng Mei. See Nie Chongzhen notes.

Leng Mei
- Reading Alone in Spring, 1724, 175 x 104 cm., tumu 10/1125
- Nine Egrets, 1725, w. ded. to Ziweng. (Jinmen huashi sig.) Heritage of the Brush (Papp col.) 24.

Leng Quan: son? of Leng Mei.

Ma Xiangshun. One of two ptrs in Zhang Geng, Guochao HZL, listed as having done erotic albums. None survive?

Ma Tu: purported ptr of Tumu 6/6-082, woman & maid before mirror in interior. Wuxi Prov. Mus. But he's Ming; ptg is later. So not. (YCH 774 top).

Mao Fen, 18c? woman ptr. Not in YCH. Hao: Ningfen nushi. TNM book #252. (Suzuki 3, JM 1-280)

Niu Shu. YCH 1119: zi Hanfan, native of Suzhou. Good at beautiful women, followed Qiu Ying. Cites Wuxian bucheng, Moxiangju huashi.
- Tumu XIII/1-0602 (Guangdong Prov. Mus.), album of 8 leaves, corresponds in part to my Album D. But faces coarser, more uniform; copy? No indication of why att.: seals? Lacks refinements of good one.

Que Luan, 1758-1844 (YCH 1493-94) From Tongcheng in Anhui; active in Suzhou. Ptd LS, flowers, fig., espec. good at Buddhist fig., shinu. close to Song.
- CA Affiliated SChool ptg: 1812.

Qiu Shi
- Nanga Taisei 7/34-5. Two leaves, fine.

Shen Geng. Tumu 6/3-156, Suzhou? Women in garden pavilion. dtd? Nothing special.

Shen Quan. Duhua jilue (H-Y) says: Wuxing ren. Capable at blue-and-green LS, various kinds of minor ptgs. (gezhong xiaopin).

Shen Ying: see 8 Dyn. #258, p. 350. Ptd figures in portrait of Gao Shiqi; also woman (portrait) in Nelson Gal. Unrecorded.

Shi Banzi (beg. of ch.2) Ginger. Yangzhou huafanglu II/15b. From Shanyin (etc.)

Shi Zhuang, native of Jinling (Nanking), LS after Shiqi! Lived in Huai-an. Huaren buyi (Harv.Yen.) 41b. Is he same as Daocun, ptr of western-style album?

Sun Huang, 12-leaf album, women, Tianjin, Tumu 8/6-049. Not espec. interesting.

Tu Le: 8 Dyn. #259: ptd portrait face in ptg with Wang Hui & Yang Jin.

Wang Chengpei. Duhua jilue 29b: from Changshu. Son of ...(official) Presently has title of Gongbu dailang. Callig & ptg, LS, flowers, all miaopin. On him, see She Cheng in EB p. 326. Is he the ptr of the woman in doorway?
- Did imperial birthday ptg: EB 335.

Wang Shi, one of two ptrs listed by Zhang Geng in Guochao HZL as having done erotic albums. (Translated)

Wang Yun, Yangzhou ptr, came to court during Kangxi (Howard, Elegant Brush 306.)
- Literary Gathering 1718, fig. in garden, Sotheby's March 97 #24.

Xiao Chen.
- Nanga Taisei 7/99: teaching children. Not westernized.
- His "Ko Hung Moving" in Kuang-tung 167.

Xie Pu (or Po). Ptr of woman in interior, 1744. Tianjin. Tumu 6/1-344. "After Qiu Ying." Not in YCH.

Xie Sui. YCH 1471. Court ptr in CL era. Good at figures, (gives list) Guochao YHL (SCPC hsü, KK shu-hua chi). (No indication of where he comes from.) She Cheng in EB p. 330: dtd works 1761-87.
- Bunzo Nakanishi, Kyoto. New Year's Celebration. 156.5 x 114 cm. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, Arts of the Middle Kingdom, Victoria, 1986, #105.

Xu Mei. From Suzhou. Mike Hearn (PHoenix piece pp. 116-17) includes him among artists who collaborated w. Wang Hui & others in Beijing, "fl. 1690-1722." Note 40, pp. 187-88, lists these collaborative works.
- Scenery added to portrait, Tumu 10/1138

Xu Shiyin. 18c? three women in forest, on road: TNM book #223. Conservative ptr. Not in YCH. (Suzuki III, JM 1-273.)

Xu Yang.
- Men in pavilion over lotus pond, dtd 1773, dedication. Pretty good. Illusionistic architecture. (Where?)

Xu Zhuang, Hosokawa col., Beauty after Zhou Fang, Suzuki 3, JP 36-012.

Yan Hongzi, acad ptr in CL era, dtd. ptg 1760; see Boston MFA Port. II, 173-78. Howard in EB 313: says Kangxi; but really CL.

Yan Yi. See KK/B Yangzhou 12-15. "1666-after 1749." Dtd. works there 1710, 1716, 1732. From Yangzhou, studied w. Li Yin.

Yin Donglin. Ptg of woman by him in ROM: Suzuki I, A9-007. Not in YCH.

Yu I (Yi). Late Ming ptr at Putian in Fujian (YCH 262 middle). spec. in figures, espec. women. Ptg by him: Tokyo NM Ch ptgs book #108: three women + servant on bank of lake? Willows etc. Like Qiu Ying follower, very conservative. Signed, "in manner of Liu Songnian."

Yu Xing: Duhua jilue 23a. Learned from Jiang Tingxi, served at court, went home when old.

Yu Yuan. Tumu 12/2-04, Anhui Prov. Store! Woman & children.

Yu Zhiding
- Sitting Alone at Chessboard, 1697, Tumu 10/0960

Zhang Jing. Artist whose seals appear on 4 narrative ptgs, 4/9.

Zhang Shibao, portrait of Li I-an (beauty), Kaizuka col., Suzuki 3, JP42 030.

Zhang (Chang?) Yin. Ptr of long scroll (Xingle-tu), family in villa, in Tianjin Historical Mus., Tumu 8/2-140. Not in YCH.

Zeng Ao. Teacher of Gu Jianlong; ptd album of portraits of Ming emperors that Gu copied in Beijing.

Zhou Xun. From Jiangning near Nanjing. See Duhua jilue for long thing in him, incl. famous story.

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