WCP1 Illustrations

1/1.C. "Portrait of Mme. Hedong" (Anon. 18c.) Fogg/Sackler. (+)
1/2. Yü Ji, Portrait of Liu Yin. (+)
1/3. Yü Zhiding, Portrait of Liu Yin. Dtd. 1696. (+)
1/4. Anon. 18c., R.O.M. Toronto ptg. (+)
1/5.C. Huang Ming, unident. (+)
1/6. Anon. 18th cent. "Portrait of Lady Songfu." From Strehlneek cat., #164. Ink and colors on silk; 5.29 x 3.8 chi. (+)
1/7. "Wakening in Spring, 18th-19th century woodcut, from Gao Wen, ed., New Yrs. Pictures of Mianzhu (?) [Szechwan], pl. 158. B?)
1/8.C Attrib. to Leng Mei, "Portrait of a Lady." British Museum. (+)
1/9.C Detail of same. (H)
1/10. Leng Mei, Tianjin Municipal Art Museum, dtd. 1724 (Tumu X/l115.) (+)
1/11.C Anonymous, follower of Leng Mei. Woman by window (mine) (+)
1/12. Leng Mei (Liaoning, woman at dressing table with maid.)(H)
1/13. Gerald Dou (1613-75). Young Woman Having Her Hair Done. 1667. Rotterdam, MB (what?) Oils on canvas, 75.5 x 58 cm. (H)

1/14.C Anonymous, Utrecht School, 17th century. Lady At Her Toilet. 53-1/4" x 69-1/2". Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Delete
1/15. "Ma Shouzhen self-portrait" (from Ostasiatische ) (H)
1/16.C After Gu Hongzhong, "Han Xicai's Night Banquet." (D)
1/17,C 18.C Details from the same. (D)
1/19.C Anon. 18th century, "Scene from the Story of the West Chamber." Freer Gallery of Art (16.517). Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk, 198.5 cm x 130.6 cm. (H)
1/20.C "Beggar Ying Invites Cinnamon Bud to Drink in Mother Li's 'Willow Garden.'" Leaf from Jin Ping Mei album, Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. (H)
1/21.C Fei Danxu. Group Portrait of Yao Xie and His Concubines. Dated 1839. Palace Museum, Beijing. Handscroll, ink and colors on silk, 31 x 128.6 cm. (From: Zhongguo lidai huihua VIII, pl. 80.) (+)
1/22.C Shen Shigeng. Woman picking mulberry leaves. Dated 1642. Tianjin Municipal Museum. Ink & colors on silk, 14" x 27-1/2". (Mary Tregear and Shelagh Vainker, Art Treasures in China, New York, Harry Abrams, 1994, p. 118.) (+)
1/23.C Seals of Yü Zhiding. Woman and Rabbits in Weedgrown Garden. Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk. Shanghai Museum. (+)

1/24.C Anonymous, Studio of Yu Zhiding. (Old attribution to Zhou Wenju, Five Dynasties.) Woman Reading in a Garden. Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk, 180.9 x 102.1 cm. National Palace Mus., Taipei (Shinü hua zhi mei, , pl. 4.) (H)
1/25.C Huang Shifu, " Beauty Resting in Seclusion." Dated 1640. Hanging scroll, ink and colors on paper, 113.8 x 62.2 cm. Palace Museum, Beijing. (Lidai shinü hua xuanji, pl. 23.) (*)
1/26. Anonymous, Woman at a Window. Inscription by ... dated 1696. Hanging scroll, ink and light colors on paper. Ching Yüan Chai Collection, Berkeley. (+)
1/27. Anonymous, "Lady with Parokeet, Maid and Child." Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk? From: Shenzhou guoguang ji, vol. 11. (B?)
1/28. Yü Zhiding. "Woman at Weiqi Board." Dated 1697. Hanging scroll (fill in) Tianjin Municipal Museum. From: (Tumu X/0960.) (H)
1/29. Yü Zhiding (1647-1705), "Beauty with Pipa Beneath Banana Tree, in the Manner of Xu Wei." Hanging scroll, ink on paper, 87.5 cm x 35.7 cm. Palace Museum, Beijing. (+)
1/30. Anonymous, illustration to Jin Ping Mei (cf. I/20). Collection unknown. Each leaf 39.6 x 31.7 cm. (H)
1/31. Wang Chengpei (? - 1805.) Woman Waiting in a Doorway. Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk, 203 x 112.5 cm. (Christie's auction cat., June '89, #88.) (H)

1/32.C One of "Yongzheng's Consorts" series: one surrounded by antiques on shelves. (+)
1/33.C Jin Tingbiao, Lady Making Up Her Hair. Signed (in lower left). Hanging scroll, ink and colors on silk, 222.7 x 130.7 cm. Palace Museum, Beijing. (H)
I/34. Jin Tingbiao. Lady Feng Confronting the Bear. (+)


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