WCP3 Illustrations

3/1. Woman in interior, heavy-set w. necklace, Nelson Gal. (B?)
3/2. Another, in Nanjing Museum (B?)
3/3. Gu Fang and Shen Ying, Portrait of Lady in Garden. Nelson Gal. (+)
3/3a + detail. Portrait of woman in garden, Soth. auction (+)
3/3b + detail. Portrait of woman under tree holding lingzhi, Cologne Mus. of E. Asian Art (+)
3/4. Wang Yuyan ptg orchids, 1790 (B?)
3/5 – 3/8. Portraits of women and girl by Ren Bonian (B?)
3/9. Family group portrait in Gugong (B?)
3/10. Big picture by Hu Yong (= PUP 4.19) (H)

3/11. Family portrait in BM (= PUP 4.18)) (H)
3/12 + 3/13. Handscroll in Tianjin Hist. Mus., Changyin seal (= PUP 4.17) (H)
3/14. Yu Zhiding, Portrait of man w. wife, 1697 (+)
3/15. Yu Zhiding, another, 1705 (+)
3/16a&b. Chen Hongshou, Portrait of He Tianzhang (+)
3/17. Detail of woman (H—in 5 illus.)
3/18. Chen Hongshou, Portrait of Lou Yuede (1637) (+)
2/32. Large, anon. New Year's ("Birthday") "Leng Mei" (H, = PUP 4.5)

3/19a-d. Hua Yan, genre scene, 4 slides (+)
3/20. Follower of Hua Yan. Woman Teaching Children (+)
3/20a-b. Same subject, "Qiu Ying" in Cologne. (+)
3/21. Ren Xiong woodbock print of same (+)
3/22 and 5 details. Chan Hongshou, BM. Woman Preparing Cloth (+)
3/23. Anon. Ming, Woman Spooling Thread. (B?)
3/24. Wen Zhengming, Women Picking Mulberry Leaves (D)
3/25. Ren Bonian, Woman Washing Thread, Early Morning (D)
3/26. Xie Po, Woman Embroidering (tumu) (+)
3/27. Du Jin, Fu Sheng and Daughter (D)

3/28. Chen Hongshou, Xuanwen Jun Lecturing (D)
3/29. Zhang Lu, Guan Daosheng and Sister (+)
3/30. Chen Hongshou, Man holding wrapped pipa, woman reading (D)
3/31. Chen Hongshou, Man Teaching Girl Pupils (?) (D)
3/32. Early 20c print: Women Seeking Education (B?)
3/33. Ren Bonian, Yang Jixian at Age 75 (D)
3/34. Dai Jin, 1460 handscroll: Yang Weizhen's Poetry Party (D)
3/35. Print from Pipa Xing playing cards: woman painting (B?)
3/36. Gai Qi, Xichun Painting Daguan Garden (B?)
3/37. Cui Hui, Li Qingzhao on rock (+ detail) (+)
3/38. Cui Hui, Li Qingzhao in Study (H)
3/39. Kang Tao, San Niangzi (+)

3/40, 41, 42. Ptgs of Magu, Guanyin, Luo Ping Ghost (B?)
3/43. Ho Qing? Woman Warrior, Nelson Gal. (B?)
3/44-45. Ren Bonian, Mulan; another androbynus (B?)
3/46. Min Zhen, droopy woman (B?)
3/47. Gai Qi, Lin Daiyu, from Hong Lou Meng series.
3/48. Jiang Xun, Beauty (D)
3/49. Gu Luo, Lady Leaning on Tree (+ detail) (+)
3/50. Ren Xiong, Lady with Fan (+ details) (+)
3/51. Leaf from Wu Jiayou 1890 album (B?)
3/52. Early 20c print: modern woman (B?)
3/53. Another, woman on bicycle (+)
3/54. Qiu Zhu, Woman in Garden (B? detail +)

3/55. Qiu Zhu, Women in Garden with Parrot (H, in WCP 5 illus.)
3/56. Qiu Zhu, two leaves. (+)(H: illus to QL Fig.)
3/57. Qiu Zhu, Women in Garden (+)
3/58. Fan Xueyi (what? Gugong album leaf?) (H)
3/59. Jin Liying, Portrait of Li Qingzhao (B?)
3/60. Guanyin by Qiu Zhu (+)
3/61. Another, by Ma Shouzhen (B?)
3/62. Dong Bai, Moon Goddess Holding Rabbit (fan?) (B?)
3/63. Liu Yin, Palace Ladies on Terrace
3/64. Xue Wu, Woman in Garden Playing Flute (+)

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