(+ = in box, H = have, B? = Berkeley?, D = Department slide)

5/1, 5/1a, Qiu Ying "Nymph of Luo" + detail (D)

5/2, Gu Kaizhi Nymph, Beijing KK scroll (H)

5/3, "Tang Yin" woman holding out sash (+)

1/25, Huang Shifu 1740 (YH 30.2 etc.) (H)

5/4. Qiu Ying lady gazing at mandarin ducks (+)

5/5 Qiu Ying, similar, on paper (B?)

(5/6, 5/7: Yu Qiu, skip?)

5/8-5/11, Qiu Ying woman outside (Met) (+), MFA Lady Lingzhao (H)

5/12. Qiu Ying, Woman in Upstairs Room Gazing Over River (BMFA) (+)

5/13a,b,c.. Details of same. (+)

5/14. Woodblock print after Qiu Ying, similar (B?)

5/15 Illus. to Pipa Ji, late Ming pring (B?)

5/16a-g. Wu Bin handscroll, Cheng Chi's (photos)

5/18. Woodblock print from 10 Scenes of West Lake (B?)

5/19. Wen Zhengming , similar (+)

5/20. So. Song fan, woman on terrace, man in boat (D)(= Lyric J. 1.41)

5/21. Chen Hongshou, Freer (+)

5/22. Hua Yan, woman seen thru window writing (B?)

5/22a. 19c Chen Yunzhang? Woman w. fan in round window (+)

5/23. Hua Yan, su Xiaoxiao seen thru window (+)

5/23a. Detail of this. (+)

5/24 Huang Zhuan, lady and maid in LS (B?)

5/25. Old reprod., woman seen thru moon door (B?)

5.26. Chen Hongshou, woman w. parokeet, little boy (+)

5.26a. Detail of same (+)

5/27. Chen Hongshou, woman warming cloth over brazier (+)

5/28. Yu Zhiding (BM) similar subject (+)

5/29. Qian Hui'an fenben (B?)

5/30. Anon. Sjong (BMFA?) fan w. parokeet (D)

5/31. Another Qian Hui'an fenben, w. parokeet (B?)

5/31a,b. Qiu Zhu/Qiu Shi. gardem scene, parrot

5/32. Leaf from Sancai tuhui, taming parokeet (B?)

5/33. Xu Lan, girl & parokeet (D)

5/34. Gai Qi, lady writing poem on red leaf (D)

5/34a. Du Jin? Freer 17.335, standing lady writing on leaf (+)

5/34b. Detail of same. (+)

5/36. Fei Danxu 1821 Lady at Weiqi Board. (B?)

5/37, Yin Shi, BM, detail (+)

5/38. Qian Hui-an fenben (B?)

5/39. So.Song fan leaf, woman at doorway (D) (= Lyric J. 1.40)

5/40. Woman dreaming, from album (+)

5/41. Fei Danxu, Girl Sleepiing in Garden (+)

5/42. Zhu Meicun, fan ptg., Girl Sleeping in Garden (+)

5/43. Detail of same. (+)

5/44. Gu Jianlong, Girl Napping (old reprod.) (H)

5/45. Couple in bed, detail (QL Albums Master) (+)

5/46. Scene of washing, detail (same) (+)

5/47. Two women and man (same) (+)

1/19. Yingying Offering Flower (detail) (+)

3.17. Woman with fan, from Chen Hongshou scroll. (+)

2/31 and 2/31a. Que Luan, Lady w. Plum Branch, 1812 (+)

5/48. Brothel scene: maid introduces courtesan (H)

5/49. Tang Luming, Beauty in Snow.

5/49a,b. Details of same.

(5/50: skip?)

5/51. Chen Hongshou, leaf from early album (H)

5/52. Detail from Freer Xixiang-ji: lovers' hands (+)

5/53. Woman holding Buddha's hand fruit, from 8 Beauties (+)

5/53a. Detail of same

5/53b, dish of B's hand fruit from Freer Xixiang-ji

5/54. Woman's hands and B's hand fruit, alb. leaf (+)

5/55. Man groping woman; B's hand fruit nearby (+)

5/56. Detail from washing scene: bowl of B's hand fruit (+)

5/57. Hans Baldung, Adam and Eve (D)

5/58. Woman w. B's hand fruit, Nelson Gal. (+)

5/59a etc. Details. (+)

5/60, Jan Steen, Woman Selling Oysters (+)

5/61. Woman seated, w. fan, B's hand fruit (+)

5/62. Detail. Missing.

5/63. Yang Feiyun, Pengpeng nude. (+ )

5/64. Some erotic album leaf w. woman's sex exposed. (0)

5/65. Some Japanese erotic print w. large genitals etc. (H)

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