CLP 165: 1992 Syllabus etc. for undergrad seminar on "Gardens in Chinese Ptg." Slide-show, list of gardens, biblio.

Gardens in Ptg, undergrad seminar: Syllabus, List of Gardens, Biblio.

History of Art 192A, Spring 1995. Seminar: Representations of Gardens in Chinese Painting. Slide Show, p. 1.


- Keswick, "Foreword" to Hardie trans. of Ji Cheng, Craft of Gardens. Very general. Read ad. lib. in Keswick, The Chinese Garden.
- Chen Congzhou, On Chinese Gardens. Read English text, pp. 1-58.
- Ji Cheng (b. 1582), trans. Alison Hardie, Yüan yeh (The Craft of Gardens). Written 1631-34. Prefaces by Cheng Yüan-hsün, Juan Ta-ch'eng, and author, pp. 29-37; text and Afterword, pp. 39-122. (Much of this is pictures; not really so long.)
- Alfreda Murck and Wen Fong, "A Chinese Garden Court."
- Joanna Handlin-Smith article on Ch'i Piao-chia.
- Clunas, "Ideal and Reality." (Also some part of unpub. manuscript, when it comes.)
- Yang Hongxun, The Classical Gardens of China, pp. 47-78, "Principles of Chinese Garden Design."
- Johnston, pp. 8-93 (not so long: lots of pictures), espec. 74-93, on design process, organization of space and movement, etc. (Earlier sections: hodge-podge of info. & myth.)

More to be assigned.Also:
Read, if you need to, for background, the chapters on Suchou-school painting in the Ming (ch. 2, 5, 6) in my Parting At the Shore.

I. General look at ways of representing places: maps, picture maps, topographical paintings, series of scenes, etc.

A. Suchou gardens.
- Picture-map of Liu Garden, Suchou; bird's-eye view (drawing) of Cho-cheng Yüan, Suchou.
- Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1509), Eight Views of the Cho-cheng Yüan, album, Met. Mus. (authenticity problem.) Dissertation underway by Jan Stuart; pub. articles by her.
- Slides taken in garden. (Lots more photos in books.)
- Anon. 15th-16th cent., A Villa by the River. (Christie's auction, Nov. '94, #89.)
-Wen Cheng-ming, attrib. to, "The Western Garden," handscroll. Palace Mus., Taipei (from photos.)
-Wen Cheng-ming, "The East Garden," handscroll, 1530. Palace Mus., Beijing. (Quanji 7, 53.)
- Ch'ien Ku (1508-1572, follower of Wen Cheng-ming), "The Ch'iu-chih Garden," handscroll, 1564. (Wu-men #61.)

B. The Tiger Hill (Hu-ch'iu), near Suchou.
-View of Tiger Hill from train window.
- Picture map of Tiger Hill.
- Opening of handscroll representing "Scenes of Wu" by Shen Chou (1427-1509); ptg. by Sun Chih, lesser Suchou artist, 1590.
- Woodblock-print picture of Tiger Hill from T'ien-hsia ming-shan t'u, 1633.
- Two hanging-scroll pictures of Tiger Hill by Ch'ien Ku, Palace Mus., Beijing, and Tientsin Museum (dtd. 1572.)
- Album of "Twelve Views of Tiger Hill" by Shen Chou, undated, Cleveland Museum.
- Slides of Tiger Hill.

C. Huang-shan (mountains in Anhui Province. See Shadows of Mt. Huang for many ptgs, prints, and photos.)
- Picture-maps of Huang-shan.
- Slides taken there; slide from photo in China Pictorial.
- Print of Huang-shan, 1462; one from San-ts'ai t'u-hui, 1607 (Shadows of Mt. Huang, fig. 4)
- Another, from T'ien-hsia ming-shan t'u, 1633 (Shadows fig. 3); another from Hsiao Yün-ts'ung, T'ai-p'ing shan-shui, 1648 (cf. Shadows #5.)

D. Early maps and picture-maps
- Map of military emplacements from Tomb #3 at Ma-wang-tui, 2nd cent. B.C. Cf. modern picture-map of Suchou environs.
- Painting from Tomb #3 at Ma-wang-tui (subject unclear.)
- Wall paintings from Holingol, Eastern Han.
- Various picture-maps; two handscroll paintings of Yangtze River, attrib. to Chü-jan, 10th cent., Li Kung-lin, 11th cent.; both Freer Gallery, Washington D.C. Anon. late Ming? picture-map of Yellow River. (Facsimile reprod. in EAL). Anon. 18th cent. handscroll: Sotheby's auction, Nov. '94, "56.

II. Early Garden Paintings and Related Works

- Attrib. Lu Hung, 8th cent. (copy after): "Ten Views of a Thatched Cottage." Album, Palace Mus., Taipei (Chinese Art Treasures #4.) Lu's country estate was located at Sung-shan (Mt. Sung) near Loyang. Idea of reclusion, escape from court and official duties, etc.
- Cf: scenes from life of recluse-poet T'ao Ch'ien or T'ao Yüan-ming (365-427); scroll attrib. to Li Kung-lin, Freer; scroll by Ho Ch'eng, early 14th cent. artist active in Yüan (Mongol) court.
- After Wang Wei (699-759), Scenes of the Wang-ch'uan Villa. Rubbing after copy; painted versions. Estate was outside Ch'ang-an (modern Hsi-an). Originally wall paintings?
- After Li Kung-lin (1040-1106), "Dwelling in the Lung-mien Mountains." Studies by Robert Harrist.
- Anon. Sung? Yüan? "Garden of Solitary Pleasure" (Tu-lo Yüan). Handscroll. From photos. Garden was built by Ssu-ma Kuang after he returned to Loyang from capital, K'ai-feng, in 1071. For trans. of his essay, see Hardie trans. of Ji Cheng, pp. 123-24.
- Ma Yüan? 12th cent., Southern Sung. "Composing Poetry on a Spring Outing." Handscroll, Nelson-Atkins Art Museum, Kansas City. See Eight Dynasties, no. 51, pp. 66-69, essay by Marc Wilson, who speculates that it may represent a gathering in the garden of Chang Tzu at Hangchou.
- Anon. 12th cent., close to Ma Yüan (false attrib. to Chao Po-chü). The Mid-autumn Festival. Fan painting, Palace Mus., Taipei. Ch. Art Treasures 42; Cahill, Ch. Ptg. p. 81.
- Anon, 14th cent.? Yüan or early Ming. Panorama of the shores of the West Lake. Handscroll, Freer Gallery. Cf. Li Sung, 12th-13th cent., "View of the West Lake" handscroll in Shanghai Museum.

III. Yüan Dynasty Paintings of Villas and Gardens ("LS of Property.")

- Sheng Mou? (14th cent.) or follower (false attribution to Chao Meng-fu). "A Villa in the Mountains." Hanging scroll, Palace Mus., Beijing. Siren Ch. Ptg. VI, pl. 20.
- Chao Meng-fu (1254-1322), "Village/Villa by the Water" (Shui-ts'un t'u), 1302. Handscroll, Palace Mus., Beijing. No garden.
- Wang Meng (ca. 1308-1385), various ptgs. of retreats and villas. Cf. Hills Beyond a River pl. 51-58, color 6; Siren Ch. Ptg. VI, pl. 103-111.
- Ni Tsan (1301-1374). The Water and Bamboo Dwelling, 1334. Others.
- Chao Yüan and Ni Tsan (?), The Lion-grove Garden (Shih-tzu Lin). Handscroll, 1373. Siren Ch.Ptg. VI, 162. Lost; known only from reproductions. Earliest safely datable & attributable garden ptg?
(- Album of scenes of Shih-tzu Lin attrib. to Hsü Pen, d. 1378, Palace Mus., Taipei; but later. Photos.)
(- Slides of Shih-tzu Lin taken there. Lots of photos of it in books.)
Hist. of Art 192A, Undergrad. Seminar, Spring 1995. Slide Show p.4.

IV. The Early and Middle Ming

Hsieh Huan, "Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Gathering," 1437. Two versions: col. of Wango Weng; Chen-chiang Museum. Parting colorplt. 2; Smith & Weng; etc.
- Attrib. to him (by style): "The Nine Elders of the Mountain of Fragrance." Handscroll, Cleveland Museum (Eight Dynasties #133).
- Anon. 15-16c (again): A Villa by the River. (Christie's auction, Nov. '94, #89)
Tu Ch'iung (1396-1474), The Yu-sung (Friend of Pines) Garden. Handscroll, Palace Mus., Beijing. (Done for relative.)
- Ten Views of the Nan-ts'un (Southern Village), villa of T'ao Ts'ung-i. Album, dtd. 1437. Shanghai Museum.
Shen Chou (1427-1509), attrib. to. Tung-chuang t'u: The Eastern Villa. Garden of Wu K'uan. Album of 21 leaves (orig. 24). Copy? Not by Shen? Some compositions in common with album attrib. to Wen Cheng-ming (reproduction book).
Wen Cheng-ming (1470-1559). "Verdant Pines and Clear Springs," 1552; "Living Aloft," 1543. (Parting pl. 114 & colorplt. 13.)
- Various handscrolls depicting people's villas & retreats. "The Chen-shang Studio," Shanghai Mus. Another, same title. "The East Garden," handscroll, 1530. Palace Mus., Beijing. (Quanji 7, 53.) "Thatched House at Hsü-ch'i," Liaoning Mus. (Australia Exhib. #15).
Wen Po-jen (1502-1575). "The White Deer Spring Retreat at She-shan." Handscroll. Palace Mus., Taipei. Photos.
-- "Thatched Houses at Nan-ch'i," long handscroll,1569. Palace Mus., Beijing. (Wu-men #140.)
Ch'ien Ku (1508-1572, follower of Wen Cheng-ming), "The Ch'iu-chih Garden," handscroll, 1564. (Wu-men #61.)
Ch'iu Ying (d. ca. 1552). "The Golden Valley Garden," "The Garden of Peach and Pear Trees." Large hanging scrolls, Chionin, Kyoto. Parting pl. 101, 102.
-- "Master Tung-lin's Villa." Parting pl. 95.
-- "Drunkards in the Garden." Handscroll. (Where?) After old comp.?
-- "The Garden of Solitary Pleasure" (Tu-lo Yüan). Handscroll. Accompanied by calligraphy by Wen Cheng-ming (Ssu-ma Kuang's essay, see Hardie trans. of Ji Cheng, pp. 123-24.) Cleveland Museum (Eight Dynasties #166). Article by Ellen Laing; also Harrist, "Site-names" article.
- Attrib. to Ch'iu Ying (but by follower). Panoramic View of a Garden. Handscroll. Nanking Museum.
Hist. of Art 192A, Undergrad Seminar, Spring 1995: Slide Show p.5

Back briefly to Shih-tzu Lin or Lion Grove Garden: Handscroll by Ch'ien Wei-ch'eng (Ch'ing court artist) ptd. on command of Ch'ien-lung Emp. after CL's southern tour in 1757; CL's insc. dtd. 1774. Sotheby's auction, June 1986, #91.

Leftover from previous page: handscroll attrib. to Shen Chou, Sotheby's auction cat. (June '88, #7? can't locate.)

V. The Late Ming
- Sun K'o-hung (1533-1611), "The Stone Table Garden," 1572. Distant Mts. pl. 25 and colorplt. 7, cf. p. 67; photos.
- Shen Shih-ch'ung (active ca. 1607-after 1640). Views of the Chiao (Suburban) Garden (of Wang Shih-min?), 1625. Distant Mts. pl. 32 and p.
83, Compelling Image 3.8, photos.
- Mi Wan-chung (chin-shih 1595, d. after 1628). The Shao Garden. Detail from a handscroll, 1617, Peking U. Library. Distant Mts. pl. 83 and p. 167. Study by Wm. Hung.
- Wu Pin (fl. ca. 1580-1625). "Spring Party in the Shao Garden. Handscroll, 1615. Wango Weng, Gardens in Chinese Art, no. 9, fig. 13.
Diversion: slides of the Fen-yang Pieh-shu or Fen-yang Villa, also called Kuo Chuang or Kuo Estate, on the west shore of the West Lake at Hangchou, facing the Su Dike (or Causeway). Built in Hsien-feng era (1851-61), restored and opened to public in 1991.
(Wu Pin, handscroll, 1610, portraying rock owned by Mi Wan-chung from 10 different angles! Systematic, quasi-empirical visual investigation of three-dimensional object. Cf.:)
- Chang Hung (1577-after 1652.) The Chih Garden, 1627. Album of 20 leaves (now divided among four collections!) Restless LS #16, p. 70; Distant Mts. pl. 12-13 and colorplt. 4; Compelling Image I.20 (cf. I.21 and I.22), I.23-24. Photos.
Hist. of Art 192A, Undergrad. Seminar, Spring 1995: Slide Show p.6

VI. Some Ch'ing Dynasty Garden Paintings
- Hung-jen. Washing the Inkstone in the Shu Spring, 1663. Shanghai Museum. I-yüan to-ying 36/47.
- Wang Yün, The Hsiu Yüan (Garden for Resting). 1667. Dalian Mus.(?) Quanji 10/103.
- Lü Huan-ch'eng. The Hsi-ch'i (Western Stream) Garden, 1689. Shanghai Museum. Quanji 10/80.
- Wang Hui. Garden/Estate pictures. 1693: Suchou Museum. 1717: Guy Weill, New York.
- The Ts'ang-lang T'ing, 1700, Nanjing Museum. (Slide, detail.)
- Transporting Bamboo (Tai-chu t'u), handscroll, 1698. Former Wang Nan-p'ing collection. Jade Studio #51; essay on it by Marshall Wu, pp. 41-50.
- Yang Chin, The Ch'ing-ch'i T'ing (Pure Stream Pavilion) Garden, 1712. Handscroll. Tientsin Mus. (Tumu 10/0945.)
Yüan Chiang (fl. ca. 1690-1743.) Handscroll, Shanghai Museum: The Tung Yüan (East Garden). (Article on it in Chinese)
- Another, private col., New York: The Chih Garden? (so ident. in Keswick). See also Murck & Fong. Photos.
- Leng Mei, ca. 1720: The Pi-chu Shan-chuang (Mt. Villa for Escaping the Heat.) Quanji 10/116.
- T'ang Tai and Shen Yüan. The Yüan Ming Yüan. 1744. Keswick 26-7.
- Lo P'ing, "Elegant Winter Gathering," 1790. Sotheby's auction, Nov.'91, #77.
- T'ang I-fen. The Ai-yüan or Garden of Love (?!) 1848. British Museum. Unpublished?
- Jen Hsiung. Thatched Cottages at Lake Fan, handscroll,1855, Shanghai Museum. Transcending Turmoil 61; article by Britta Erickson (where?)
- Hsü-ku, The Mei-hua Shu-wu (Study Among Blossoming Plum), 1894. Handscroll. Christie's auction, Dec. 87
- Seminar on Chinese Paintings of Gardens, Spring 1995.

Notable surviving (restored) gardens:

Suchou (Suzhou)
- Wang-shih Yüan (Wangshi Yuan) or "Master of the Nets Garden." Johnston 111-123, Chen & Yu 172-74, Ch'iao pp. 106-113.
- Shih-tzu Lin (Shizi Lin) or "Lion Grove Garden." Johnston 104-111, Ch'iao pp. 114-117. Plan: T'ung pl. 2; also T'ung fig. 3 (print, 1771)
- Cho-cheng Yüan or "Garden of an Artless Official" (or: "Unsuccessful Politician.") Johnston 145-157, Chen & Yu 158-161, Ch'iao pp. 90-95. Plan: T'ung pl. 1.
- I Yüan (Yi Yuan) or "Garden for Enjoyment." Johnston 158-65, Ch'iao pp. 124-129. Plan: T'ung pl. 5.
- Ts'ang-lang T'ing (Cang Lang Ting) or "Blue Waves Pavilion." Johnston 98-104, Ch'iao pp. 118-123. Plan: T'ung pl. 8. Also T'ung fig. 1,2: prints. - Liu Yüan (Liu Yuan) or "Garden for Lingering." Johnston 124-45, Chen and Yu 162-67, Ch'iao pp. 96-105. Plan: T'ung pl. 3.
- Hsi Yüan (Xi Yuan) or "West Garden." Plan: T'ung pl. 7.

- Yü Yüan (Yu Yuan) or "Garden to Please." Johnston 231-249, Chen and Yu 183-85, Ch'iao pp. 138-143. T'ung fig. 12 (print, 1905).
Hangchou (Hangzhou).
- General on West Lake etc.: Johnston 250-264, Chen & Yu 1898-91.
- Kuo Chuang (Guo Zhuang) or "Kuo Estate": not in books? recently opened. See T'ung p. 37 (= Fen-yang pieh-yeh). Dates from 1840s?

Yangchou (Yangzhou)
- Ko Yüan (Ge Yuan) or "Bamboo Garden." Johnston 190-92, Hardie p. 40 (plan), photos throughout. Chen and Yu 180-83, Ch'iao pp. 80-83, Ch'en Ts'ung-chou pp. 54-67.
- Hsiao P'an-ku Yüan (Xiao Pan Gu Yuan) or "Small Winding Valley Garden." Johnston 201-206. Ch'en Ts'ung-chou pp. 72-78.
- Ho Yüan (He Yuan). Slides. Plan: Hardie p. 66; photos throughout book.
- Shou Hsi-hu (Shou Xi Hu) or "Slender West Lake." Chen & Yu 174-78. Ch'en Ts'ung-chou pp. 16-23.

Chan Yüan (Zhan Yuan) or "Look Forward Garden." See T'ung p. 36; plan: T'ung pl. 20. Johnston 206-213. Photos scattered throughout Hardie.

Shao-hsing (Shaoxing)
-Outside the city: Lan-t'ing or Orchid Pavilion Garden. Hardie p. 111: reconstruction of meandering stream. Recalls poetry-composing gathering held there in spring of A.D. 353, when great calligrapher Wang Hsi-chih )Wang Xizhi) composed "Preface" to collection of poems.

Bibliography for Chinese Gardens, and Gardens in Chinese Painting
Note: no distinction is made herein between writings on Chinese gardens, whether how-to books or historical studies, and writings on Chinese representations of gardens in paintings (the latter a much sparser literature.) A few studies of Chinese influences on European gardens are also included., and a few on Chinese plants

(Soper in Art Bulletin 23 p. 163 n. 49: ref. to collection of historical references to gardens, in Bulletin of the Society for Research in Chinese Architecture, v. IV no. 4, 1934 (in Chinese.) Bachelard, Gaston. The Poetics of Space. Boston, 1969.
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