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    VI Conclusion It is time to draw back and look, if not at the whole Hyakusen, at as much of him as we have managed to illuminate in this study. Dark areas remain, and doubtless many distortions, but...

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    Bedridden Blog   I am now pretty much confined to bed, and have to recognize this as my future.  It is difficult even to get me out of bed, as happened this morning when they needed to...

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WCP Album 4


1: 2006.beijing.hannai.autumn.dec.16.914
(Mistake: detail of Li Shida New Year’s ptg.)

2: 2006.beijing.hannai.autumn.dec.16.914
(Mistake: detail of long handscroll, “Visiting Immortal at Weishui”)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT3.jpg|title=3}3{/modal}: 2008.beijing.hannai.spring.may.567
Chen Shi (Qing), Lady w. Flowers, 1748. (Haven’t looked up artist; insc. in upper right legible. Seems to be Magu picture, hung on woman’s birthday?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT4.jpg|title=4}4{/modal}: 2008.beijing.hannai.spring.may.581
Detail from: Lû Huancheng, Ladies in Garden (signed, 2 seals) Interesting—he is usually a landscapist, academic. Seems OK.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT5.jpg|title=5}5{/modal}: 2008.beijing.hannai.spring.may.587
“Qiu Ying” (sig.) Lady in Garden. Good work of this kind, usually attrib. to him or daughter Qiu Shi, carried on by their Suzhou followers. Late Ming or so? Is she painting her self-portrait? Looks like it—mirror?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT6.jpg|title=6}6{/modal}:
Shangguan Zhou, “Two Ladies w. Lingzhi and Wine,” 1745. Also in another file. Seems OK.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT7.jpg|title=7}7{/modal}:
Detail of CT6.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT8.jpg|title=8}8{/modal}: china.guradian.2008.12.13.2002a.1064
Anon, Lady Writing on Banana-palm Leaf (cf. Huai-su), seals of Xie something, unrecorded?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT9.jpg|title=9}9{/modal}: china.guradian.2008.12.13.2002a.1066
Same album? as CT8. Two ladies at window, inside/outside. (Another leaf, not photographed?)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT10.jpg|title=10}10{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2007.1438.detail
Detail of CT11.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT11.jpg|title=11}11{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2007.1438
Qiu Ying (sig., “for Molin”= Xiang Yuanbian). Ladies in Garden. (Also in another file)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT12.jpg|title=12}12{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2154
Yu Qiu (Ming), Ladies Playing Weiqi Outdoors. Signed, seal.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT13.jpg|title=13}13{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2161
Anon. (fake Qiu Ying sig & seal) Lady Teaching Child (about sounding-stone, two other children below. All boys. Looks old & good.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT14.jpg|title=14}14{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2162
Zhu Zhao (recorded Shandong artist, Qing) Teaching Child. Insc in upper left, w. date etc., readable. Needs study.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT15.jpg|title=15}15{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2164
Anon., Pleasures of Women: Women in house and in garden, various occupations. Looks old, 17th cent.? Pretty good.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT16.jpg|title=16}16{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2163
Anon.(“Chen Juzhong”), Ten Beauties: concubines in rich household? Palace scene? Pretty old, quite fine.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT17.jpg|title=17}17{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2176.detail    
Detail of CT18.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT18.jpg|title=18}18{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2176
Leng Mei (seal), “Catching a Fish.” Pretty good ptg, although woman doesn’t look like one of his. His seal was put on ptgs by others—prob. so in this case.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT19.jpg|title=19}19{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2180
Chen  Hongshou (dtd. 1623), Lady with Lotus. Maybe, pretty good ptg, although doesn’t look like his style; follower? Imitator?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT20.jpg|title=20}20{/modal}: China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2201
Pan Gongshou, “Teaching the Chlld,” 1763. Two women, not lady & servant, with child—how one would like to see this in modern terms as same-sex couple w adopted child1 Not likely.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT21.jpg|title=21}21{/modal}:China_Guardian_Quarterly_Auctions_2008.2202
Jiao Bingzhen, “Ladies, in Manner of Tang Yin,” dtd 1692. Looks fine.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT22.jpg|title=22}22{/modal}: classical.chinese.painting.2009.1623
Detail of Jiao Bingzhen, “Bird Watching from Autumn Hall,” 1673. )Already in another file, w image of whole—here CT27.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT23.jpg|title=23}23{/modal}: and.callig.dec5.2008.legendale.hotel.2177
(Can’t locate: has imperial seals, “Qiu Ying”? sig., lower left. Ladies playing game of matching grasses, another one behind them picking flower? From tree, servant watching—early Spring? Interesting ptg.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT24.jpg|title=24}24{/modal}: (Can’t locate: has “Tang Yin” signature.) Not so early, but quite fine figures. Maid holds archaic bronze ding vessel, woman dips something into it> looks like red leaf at end of brush. What’s going on?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT25.jpg|title=25}25{/modal}: classical.chinese.painting.autumn.1578.1099
Chen Hongshou, Lady with Sword. Looks pretty good—possible as earl work?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT26.jpg|title=26}26{/modal}: classical.chinese.painting.autumn.2009.1578
Detail of CT25.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT27.jpg|title=27}27{/modal}: classical.chinese.painting.autumn.2009.1623a Whole of CT22.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT28.jpg|title=28}28{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2008.1280
Ch.Guardian Spr/08 1280. Leng Mei, Wang Zhaojun. Can’t see any writing on it; seals only? Looks pretty good.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT29.jpg|title=29}29{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2008.1299
Ch.Guardian Spr/08 1299. Anon.Ming, Mixing Liquor/ Already in another file. Close to, but not by, Zhang Lu?

30: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2008.1319
Mistake: Wang Hui handscroll.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT31.jpg|title=31}31{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2008.1369
Ch.Guardian Spr/08 1369. Ma Hongkan (Qing), Mending the Coat. Woman and maid in garden, two children. Looks fine; don’t know artist. Good wife mends husband’s coat, while tending two boys?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT32.jpg|title=32}32{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2009..1288.detail

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT33.jpg|title=33}33{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2009.1288
Fine ptg; no sig. or seal? Anon? Two women, not lady and maid; amorous pair?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT34.jpg|title=34}34{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_May2009.397
“Qian Xuan” (sig.) Minghuang Teaching Yang Guifei to Play Flute. Nothing to do with him; later, dif. style. For one closer to Qian Xuan, see my old article in Archives of Ch Art Soc for 1958.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT35.jpg|title=35}35{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_May2009.400
Anon., Lady in Bed, Two Maids. Anon.? Not bad.

36: Classical_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_May2009.567
(Mistake: Chen Yû LS, dtd. 1383.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT37.jpg|title=37}37{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_painting_Calligraphy_Spring_2009
Detail from Anon. Song (“Xiao Zhao”) Auspicious Omens scroll.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT38.jpg|title=38}38{/modal}: Classical_Chinese_painting_Calligraphy_Spring_2009.1288
Jin Tingbiao (dtd. 1762), Composing Poems in Garden in Spring.

39: Classical_Chinese_painting_Calligraphy_Spring_2009.1314
Mistake (Shitao ptg, 1684)

40: Classical_Chinese_painting_Callig_Spring_2009.1315
Mistake (early Gong Xian album, pub by me in early article,Oriental Art, Vol. XVI, no. l (Spring 1970), pp. 51-71.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT41.jpg|title=41} 41{/modal}: Classical_Paintings_Callig_May_2008Beijing_Spring.645.b.detail
Sec’n of “Qiu Ying” scroll, Ladies Producing Silk.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT42.jpg|title=42}42{/modal}: Classical_Paintings_Callig_May_2008Beijing_Spring.645.detail
Another sec’n, same scroll as CT41.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT43.jpg|title=43}43{/modal}: Classical_Paintings_Callig_May_2008Beijing_Spring.645
CT41 & 42 together.

44: poly.2006.autumn.auctions.1759
Mistake (Wu Bin, “Brilliance of Rising Sun,” 1604.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT45.jpg|title=45}45{/modal}: poly.2006.autumn.auctions1654
Anon., Figures in Palace. No writing or seals?

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT46.jpg|title=46}46{/modal}: Poly_2006_Spring_Auction.1909
“Lang Shining” sig. (Western-style, 19c.?) Lady w Flowers.

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT47.jpg|title=47}47{/modal}: Panlong Auction, Beijing, Nov. 26 2005: Tingsongxuan_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2005. No. 850
Anon. (19th cent.?) Women Enjoying Paintings. What is this? Why don’t we have more of them? (Answer: we do, but they aren’t published or shown.)

{modal url=images/phocagallery/WCPscans/WCPscansFour/CT48.jpg|title=48}48{/modal}: Same as 47: Tingsongxuan_Chinese_Painting_Calligraphy_2005.No. 854
Anon. (19th cent?) Lady in Doorway w. Dog. Cf. ptg reproduced in PUP illus.  3:23.  Later version, w. addition of dog, callig scroll i/o landscape.

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  • Conclusion Conclusion
    VI Conclusion It is time to draw back and look, if not at the whole Hyakusen, at as much of him as we have managed to illuminate in this study. Dark areas remain, and doubtless many distortions, but...

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  • Bedridden Blog
    Bedridden Blog   I am now pretty much confined to bed, and have to recognize this as my future.  It is difficult even to get me out of bed, as happened this morning when they needed to...